First Five Fragments for Friday

1. The image that stays with me from this week is the moon rising just as the fireworks went off on the Fourth of July.

2. Nothing says good morning like a little chewed hole in a basement ceiling panel that announces a mouse has entered the house. Is it possible to not have rodents sneak in when we have construction at our house?

3. I’ve been drowning Japanese beetles in a bucket of soapy water all week to save my garden. Will this affect my karma?

4. I am grateful to live in Minnesota right now, even with this long heat wave.

5. Where is the last place you had an unexpectedly great conversation with someone you don’t know? Mine was over the fresh corn in the grocery store yesterday.

First raspberry from our garden. My daughter got there first.

And your fragments are….?

Happy post-Fourth Friday. Stay cool.


  1. 1. My garden is teaching me to pay attention to things as they grow. Day to say things can't be taken for granted.
    2. My oldest dog likes to bully my youngest. He likes to trap him in the laundry room and make him cry. I didn't know dogs could be such bullies. How do I put an end to this?
    3. The last great unexpected conversation I had was with my husband. Sometimes, we can really get off subject. These are my favorite times with him.
    4. I've enjoyed lunch and read poetry on the back porch in the rain a few days this week. I wish it would rain more.
    5. I need to quit worrying about things so much and bake more cakes instead.

    Have a great weekend, Kathleen!


  2. Oh, ick, mice. Good thing Scott's cat is a mouser. Mine is too lazy to hunt mice.
    Your karma is safe. Japanese beetles don't count. Trust me.
    I have the greatest conversations in stores with little old ladies. They seek me out and chat. It's very strange. Enjoyable, but strange.
    I'm envious of raspberries. 🙂 Enjoy!


  3. And we returned home last night to discover we caught one of those crummy little mice. I'm hoping there's not too many more. What are the odds? We have traps, poison, and determination on our side. I'll assume my karma is safe in this case, too.


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