First Five Fragments for Friday – Photos For All

1. How does beauty and ugliness coexist in you?

2. What are your peace symbols?

3.  What do you grow to attract others?

4. What do you want to illuminate in your life?

5. How do you honor those who have left?

And your fragments are….?

If you prefer photo prompts, visit my Tumblr blog here: One MN Writer

It’s going to be hot in Minnesota today. Time to hit the beach.

All photos by KCMickelson.


  1. Wow. These fragments are huge.

    1. Beauty and ugliness constantly battle within me. The winner is the one I feed.
    2. Peace can be found in water (moving or still) and in nature.
    3. I grow colour and perfume and light in my garden. I feed the birds. I hope both of them attract others – and they certainly attract me.
    4. I want to illuminate peace and calmness in my world.
    5. I honour those who have gone before me by remembering them.


  2. Whoops – forgot to answer your question about the dove, which is “I don't know”. This dove showed up in our back yard one day and I haven't seen it since. It was so lovely, though; I usually watch for mourning doves (my favorite birds), but this one appeared instead.


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