First Five Fragments for Friday

One Minnesota Writer believes in holidays.  So…..

1. Poppies – what do you think of the tradition of wearing them to honor veterans?

2. Cookouts – burgers, brats, or hotdogs?

3. I am a mosquito magnet. For what are you a magnet?

4. Are cemeteries the best way to honor the dead?

5. Who do you miss?

And your fragments are….?

Have a magnificent Memorial Day weekend.

photo by kcmickelson


  1. 1: The vibrant colours of poppies make them a wonderful way of remembering the lives lost. And the red ones, Flanders poppies, grow naturally on Flander's Fields where so many lives were lost.
    2: Fried onions at a cookout have my vote. I am a vegetarian, and I LOVE fried onions.
    3: I am a magnet for mosquitoes and for people with pyschotic illnesses.
    4: I would rather honour the dead with life – by planting trees and/or gardens.
    5: Of all things I have lost, I miss my mind the most.


  2. I haven't seen anyone wearing poppies, but it sounds like a great idea…hot dogs are still my fav, but a s'mores tops my list for cook-outs…I pride myself on being surrounded by charming people, see you are one♫♪ I concur with honoring the dead with plantings and my mother passed away a year ago age 92 and, everyday something reminds me of her. Enjoy Memorial Day!


  3. Poppies are unique…
    Cookouts – all of the above.
    I think I am a trouble magnet at times–
    Cemeteries are a fine way to honor the dead. Walking through them can stir all different emotions.
    I miss my mother. 11 years now.


  4. Hi,

    Just getting in after the long weekend.

    1. Poppies I know they give you these when you make donations to veterans. I've never seen anyone really wear one.
    2. Cookouts – grilled corn on the cob in the husk with melted butter..yummy or shrimp on a skewer
    3. Those little mosquito's like me as well, but I fear ticks as I suffer from post Lyme, I am very cautious when I am outside.
    4. Cemeteries are a place to honor the dead with flags or flowers, some spirits may still dwell there..just a thought..
    5. I miss my grandmother..


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