First Five Fragments for Friday

1. Never set herb seedlings in front of the window that will allow a wind gust to blow the seedlings into the sink where clean dishes are drying.

2. Mobius strip as metaphor for….what?

3. Today’s soundtrack: wind chimes, traffic, wrens in the crabapple, pine boughs in the wind, chattering one-year-old.

4. The oriental poppies have exploded into one of my favorite violently bright shades of orange-red in the front yard.

5. Cutting my caffeine intake does make a difference.

And your fragments are….?


Every Day Poets’ Great Big Little Poems Contest is still accepting entries, so check out the guidelines and see if this contest is for you. Good luck to all who dare to enter.

This is Ruby. She is actually smirking. (photo by kcmickelson)


  1. I loved Ruby. And I would hazzard a guess that there was much more dirt in your sink and on your plates that you put into that planter. A variation on the 'toast always falls buttered side down' rule.
    1. I just love the crispness and the beauty of Autumn.
    2. I still have bulbs to plant.
    3. Car salesmen match their (bad) image better than I had hoped.
    4. The birds have been a delight this morning.
    5. Which is just as well because they have spread their seed from Xmas to breakfast and crapped all over the veranda.


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