First Five Fragments for Friday

1. Militant woodpeckers have saved the half-dead tree next door from being removed by their recent occupation.

2. I don’t mind baby fingerprints all over the glass on the china hutch.

3. The RCA dog in the window of the Electric Fetus in Minneapolis makes me happy.

4. The woman who sent her twelve-year-old daughter outside in a diaper and a tank top for punishment over bad grades – what punishments has she lived through that led her to this?

5. Moment of surprise: when a baby realizes he/she is standing up without holding onto anything, which results in an immediate fall to the floor.

And your fragments are….?

Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday!

Where’s Mom? Photo by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson


  1. Love the fledgling photo thank you.

    My fragments?
    1. Cooler weather is my friend.
    2. 350 spring bulbs in the ground, only 400 or so left.
    3. Weeding required (for a change)
    4. Smiling at the cats.
    5. Wishing I could relax (or stretch) as well as they do.
    Have a great weekend.


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