First Five Fragments for Friday

1. This past week or two has had the most extraordinary morning light, which pushes me to take a second look at everything.

2. Words that people commonly mispronounce without knowing: Nuclear. Library. Jewelry. What word have I massacred lately and did anyone notice?

3. $119,000,000+ for a painting (The Scream). I cannot fathom having that much money to spend on art (what about all the other people that money could help?), nor can I imagine owning something worth that much money. And still, I wish for my artist son to connect with some damn wealthy patrons.

4.Why do people snark at each other first thing in the morning?

5. Chives with purple buds. Tulips losing their petals. Poppies with hairy leaves. Herb seedlings ready to transplant.  This is May.

And your fragments are….?

Enjoy Cinco de Mayo

Truffles looks for the robins she can hear in their nest under our deck

Prefer photo prompts? Try my blog on Tumblr: One MN Writer. I take pictures, too.


  1. Love your last one, Kathleen! Happy Friday.

    1. I need to begin each morning with a poem and Billie Holiday.
    2. Why does chocolate in the freezer keep calling me?
    3. I know why Raymond Carver's “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” keeps calling me. Can't wait to sit down with it later today.
    4. It was a hard run this morning at the gym, but I did it.
    5. Why does Facebook think I want to read articles about celebrities?


  2. Hi Andrea! Raymond Carver is one of my all-time favorite writers. His poem, Late Fragment, is one I've shared with a lot of people (it's in his collection, A New Path to the Waterfall). Enjoy that reading time today.


  3. Hi Kathleen,

    My fragments:

    1. Geese have the cutest adorable.. I took a picture of some today.
    2. Why is all this road construction going on I can't get from point A to point B without a detour.
    3. I wonder why people find it difficult to say what they mean and mean what they say.
    4. Will gas prices ever go back down?
    5. Thousands of frogs on the loose in Japan, may be due to weather changes? Really?


  4. Hi,
    1. The cooler weather is finally here.
    2. Hooray for that.
    3. I still need to get into the garden. I always need to get into the garden.
    4. How does my unread pile of books multiply (I swear it breeds).
    5. Have a great weekend.


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