First Five Fragments for Friday

1. Such huge impact rests in such tiny words: Love. Hate. Die. Stay. Goodbye.

2. The robin who built the nest beneath our deck has returned. She rockets out from the nest each time we approach and we duck, then apologize.

3. I simply cannot bring myself to brush my dogs’ teeth. Do wolves brush their teeth? I think not.

4. Our crabapple, in full-bloom, is full of pollen-punchy little bees that make the air vibrate with their collective buzz.

5. Will I be able to be quiet when I tour my alma mater with my college-bound daughter on Monday? I am honored that she wants me to go with her on the tour.

And your fragments are….?

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  1. My fragments:
    1: We have planted 50 freesias and 25 hyacinths today.
    2: I have managed to do a little weeding as well.
    3: I love the autumn. The trees are glowing, and more and more change collur each day.
    4: This week was over-committed. Seriously so.
    5: Next weeks commitments look manageable.


  2. Our crabapple is thinking of blooming fully. And the thumb-sized bees are already at it. Too bad the tree is right out the front door – makes me jump every time I hear the “Buzz”.

    Attack robins are a hazard… 🙂


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