First Five Fragments for Friday

1. So, it’s Hitler’s birthday and the anniversary of the Columbine school shootings….I have to do something peaceful and kind today as a small way to counteract such hatred.

2. Seeing Gloria Steinem this week at Beth El Synagogue in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, has made me question whether I give my daughter enough credit for being a strong female when I think I see her being obstinate.

3. Happy Weed Day if that’s your thing.

4. I recently read that Billie Holiday recorded “Strange Fruit” on Hitler’s 50th birthday, 4/20/1939.

5. It’s also a Day of Silence at my daughter’s high school (along with a lot of other schools), and that she and her friends honor diversity and fight bullying this way makes me intensely proud of them.

And your fragments are….?

Whew. I had not planned on such activist-oriented writing prompts, but April 20 is that kind of day.

photo by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson


Earth Day is this Sunday. If you have kids in your life, it’s time to share the story about how Earth Day came to be. Check out Earth Day history here.

It might also be time to go through your closets and take out the things you no longer use. Someone else might be able to use those things that are just sitting there. And there are tons of places that will even come and pick them up – the ultimate in recycling in your community.

I was going to put in individual links to charities that pick up donations, but when I did research, I stumbled across something called Donation Town. This site offers scheduling for nationwide charity donation pickup, and focuses on non-cash donations. How cool is that? And it’s free.


  1. My Fragments

    1. Why can't everyday be a jean day at work?
    2. Wondering if we will ever see rain here?
    3. I read about a man who was celebrating his 115th birthday and I wondered what he thought about all the changes in the world?
    4. Thinking how difficult it is when your best friend lives so far away.
    5. Earth day is Sunday a day to reflect on the beauty of the planet.


  2. My Fragments
    1: I still really, really need to get into the garden.
    2: I am very thankful for the natural beauty of this world.
    3: I wish that telemarketers could accept no. Not no just now, no.
    4: Why do the cats always moult on things where it will show.
    5: I am going to claim some time just for me, very soon.


  3. 1. I second your thoughts on working at home, and jeans everyday. It's a good thing.
    2. Can't believe I'm only weeks away from planting my veggie garden.
    3. Wasn't it just Christmas?
    4. The lilacs I saw in full bloom yesterday are a month early!
    5. It's been so very dry here, thank goodness rain is predicted the next two days.

    Hm, I went off on a nature tangent here. I think your Earth Day info was a subliminal influence!


  4. Well, that's a pretty good subliminal influence to honor, right? 🙂
    Our lilacs – and everything else that's blooming in our garden – are about a month early, too. While I enjoy it, it worries me.


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