First Five Fragments for Friday

1. When you wake up to a sunny morning that completely clouds over and snows an hour later, you know you are looking at a metaphor for how to adjust your dance steps. Are you following or leading?

2. What have you done lately that you aren’t all that proud of?

3. Some dogs bark. Some dogs sleep on the bed. Some dogs steal your socks. And some dogs eat an entire leg from a pair of pantyhose and then you have to induce vomiting.

4. Who has actively disowned their childhood nickname and reclaimed the name on their birth certificate? Besides me, I mean.

5. If you could carry a gun anywhere and shoot anyone, would you?

And your fragments are….?

Photo fragment bonus:

Happy Friday.

If you like these fragments consider checking out the fragments at Life on the Periphery by fellow poet Constance Brewer.


  1. 1. Took my husband on a breakfast date this morning. It was such a success we've decided to make it a ritual every Friday morning. Life is good.

    2. I wonder if I will ever have kids. Praying about it.

    3. I wonder if I will ever be on an episode of International House Hunters. Maybe somewhere in Spain. Working on it!

    4. Why do some people complain so much? Seems that energy could be channeled elsewhere and in a positive manner. Less stress that way.

    5. I can't wait to eat a slice of pizza and a scoop of spumoni ice cream tonight. I'll top it all of with a nice mug of coffee.

    Happy Friday, Kathleen!


  2. 1. Pretzel M&M's and guacamole with scoops go surprisingly well together– alternating, not at the same time.

    2. Mony, Mony is on the radio, you can't not dance in your seat to that– YEAH!

    3. We've got a new security door at work. While I find an ever present threat of locking myself out of work if I dare go to the bathroom without my badge, I do feel a bit important having special access to the “hallway”.

    4. I've been suckered into Words with Friends, it's amazing how addicting Scrabble can be.

    5. FYI, Zarf is an accepted word on Words…

    I just looked it up: A Zarf is a holder, usually of ornamental metal, for a coffee cup without a handle. I think I want one.


  3. 1. My cat's snoozing in a spot of sun shining through the window. What a life 🙂

    2. I could go for some pizza tonight too.

    3. Any meal that someone else cooks is a good one.

    4. Walked 2 miles today. It's been a great winter for getting outdoors … No snow here.

    5. And what am I wondering … How my book will fare in the hands of readers …


  4. 1. One of our cats is inside. Complaining bitterly because he can't see the other one.
    2. She is outside enjoying the sun.
    3. I really, really need to do some weeding.
    4. I really, really, really need to do that weeding.
    5. The washing is done and there are clean sheets on the bed. Mmmmm clean sheets. If there was a clean sheet fairy (other than myself) I would have clean sheets every day.


  5. 1. What lies on the other side of midnight?
    2. How fascinating would it be to see the northern lights?
    3. Why do we all want to fly but, are afraid to spread our wings?
    4. To think outside the box do you have to be inside the box?
    5. What super power ability would you choose?


  6. Thanks for the boost, Kathleen!

    #4 – I don't actively disown my nickname, but I go be either name depending on the audience. Constance or Connie.

    #5 – Some people need to be shot, but alas, I'm not the one to do it.


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