First Five Fragments for Friday

1. The thing about planning an arts event is that it takes on its own life immediately so all you can do is hold on to your hat.

2. I don’t wear hats. Need handles.

3. A loving partner is one who walks the dogs on cold winter mornings through slush, snow, ice, and garbage trucks that sneak up from behind.

4. I have never wanted to travel to Brazil.

5. I’m too old to worry about stage fright, so why doesn’t it go away already?

And your fragments are…..?

Welcome to March.


  1. Happy Friday! My fragments for today are:

    1. Why didn't I go to the gym this morning?
    2. Chocolate chip banana bread and tea are a perfect pair.
    3. Why didn't I go to the gym this morning?
    4. I live vicariously through the people on International House Hunters.
    5. I'm grateful for the Dictionary app on my iPhone.


  2. 1. Not sure why I wore my snow boots in to work yesterday when it was nice and sunny out, and wore my flats home when it was snowing.

    2. Wet socks from sinking your flats clad foot into the snow walking dogs makes for an annoyed dog mom when they won't just hurry up and go.

    3. I'm glad I'm not a dog, cause there's no way I could go to the bathroom on command– stage fright!

    4. I wish I were a dog, so I could sit at home all day listening to MPR like mine do.

    5. Why is it that two minutes after tickets to a concert go on sale, they are gone; but, you can always find a bunch on ebay– for $1,200. I love you Madonna, but not that much!


  3. 1. Why is there a patina of cat fur on everything.
    2. Why do the birds get up in the dark – I haven't heard that worms are early risers.
    3. Why do I have no resistance to book shops.
    4. Why am I as supple as a brick.
    5. What's for dinner tonight?


  4. Hm, I'm a little tired now and I'll see if I can squeak out three for you …

    1. Loving picking out a new journal to take notes in for my next novel project.

    2. Cold, raw day today felt like November, like when Thanksgiving is just a week away.

    3. And branching off of Andee, I could watch House Hunters all day sometimes.



  5. 1. Why do I have a craving for watermelon sherbert when it is cold outside?
    2. Why do birds have to have their wings clipped when they are meant to fly?
    3. Why can't I just buy just one box of Girl Scout Cookies?
    4. Why do I have a fixation on the galaxy?
    5. Why am I a day late for Five Fragments for Friday?


  6. #2 I didn't wear hats for years after getting out of the Army. When told you have to, rebellion sets in. Now? I have a bomber hat and hand knit hats I'll wear if it's blowing out. – Which in Wyoming is a lot.

    #5 – I used to teach, and managed day in day out standing in front of college students. On off days I would get stage fright, even though I actually knew my subject inside out. It's a mystery.


  7. I hope you post a photo of you in your bomber hat sometime!

    I like teaching better than reading my own work. Something about sharing well-known work that's not questioned as to its worth!


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