First Five Fragments for Friday

1. My favorite Jack Kerouac quote? “No fear or shame in the dignity of yr experience, language & knowledge”

2. Sometimes, I just want to spray paint this entire muted suburban neighborhood in some atomic-bright color. Washable paint, of course.

3. Guns in Minnesota – they’re not just for your gun closet anymore, so don’t sneak into your neighbor’s back yard to retrieve your kid’s ball. You just might be a threat against which defense with deadly force is necessary.

4. So, why doesn’t someone come up with an amendment that specifically requires the promotion of kindness?

5. Where would you put a STOP sign if you could randomly add one somewhere?

… and your fragments are?

Happy Friday.

Don’t read the newspaper before you brainstorm on a creative project. 


  1. 1. Why, for at least fifteen years, have men always felt “likes long walks on beaches” is a turn on, even after years of women laughing at this?

    2. Why is it that I only get my hair to look as good as the hairdresser did it about two weeks before I need a haircut?

    3. Why do most Americans continue to assume that if you are overweight it is entirely because you are lazy and you binge eat entire boxes of cookies and family sized bags of chips?

    4. Why do we continue to listen to pundits with left or right agendas in the name of “hearing the news?”

    5. Why do Americans STILL love the Housewives series on Bravo?


  2. Jeannette, I am delighted to see that someone has finally left five fragments of their own in these comments! Yay! Hope you take one of them – yours or mine – and run with it back at your writing desk.


  3. You have a link to your page for today's entry. I had been wondering how to promote bloggers I follow and those who follow me–Fridays are not a time I tend to blog, and I may simply do this once a week from now on.

    People are so kind to me–it's a way to pay back. HAPPY to link to this. I had fun doing it!


  4. Okay, okay, Jeannette set the precedent. Here I go …

    1. Snow? Now? After waiting all winter for it? It's March in a few days, we're ready to move on to Spring.

    2. Gray and dreary outside my window, perfect writing time.

    3. 30 minutes to another cup of coffee …

    4. Wonderful that the Beach Boys tour that includes Brian Wilson this time around is selling out.

    5. And I'm thinking Mother Nature will help you in your coloring your muted neighborhood, in just a couple of months now 🙂


  5. 1. Why do they even bother to make tissue weight shirts in anything other than an x-small?

    2. Why do we drink de-caf in the office, WHY?

    3. Either I'm getting taller, or I shrunk all my jeans. At least it also work for why they feel tighter!

    4. I can sense the snow coming. Mom and dad are on a beach someplace warm, so it must be on its way.

    5. Excited to try out a new recipe for a co-worker's big 3-0 birthday. It makes me feel less old now that all the regulars are out of their twenties. That will wear off when the summer undergrads invade in a few months.


  6. Jeannette sent me, and how right she was. My five fragments?
    Why is the weather forecast accurate about temperature (within a degree or two) and soooo inaccurate about rain?
    Why are men assertive and women aggressive
    Why are there way too many talented bloggers for me to keep up with
    We grew up being told everyone has a special talent. I am getting tired of waiting for mine to manifest itself
    Is there anything nice than sliding into fresh, clean, sun dried sheets with a purring cat at the foot of the bed.


  7. I came over her from Jeannettes …

    First Five fragments of yesterday

    1. Why does my horse/dog use her paw in my chest when the cold wet nose didn't make me want to get up at 3AM

    2. Why is there a moose sitting on me when the dog could…oh wait it is the dog.

    3. Order of business, dog out, use washroom, feed nosy, pushy heavy dog so she can go back to bed

    4. Thank you lord, the wife made the coffee now if i can only remember how to push the button

    5. why are there 80 emails in my inbox?


  8. Jeanette sent me over…ha…

    first…would a stop sign on the congressional steps work…

    and #2 would be amazing…make sure you youtube everyone waking up to a colorful world…


  9. You know, I thought way more people would grab the chance to say where they'd put a stop sign. I can think of all kinds of places, and that's not counting the ones where I add, “in the name of love” beneath the word “stop”. But that's just me.


  10. I think #2 almost daily! And I'm standing with you on #4 as well. And though it's Monday, here are my Five Fragments:

    1. Why did I start allowing myself only one cup of coffee? Why?

    2. I need a five-day work week: Four days of work and one day of nothing but reading.

    3. Why did it take me so long to create a Nat King Cole Pandora station?

    4. Why doesn't someone outlaw the Housewives on Bravo? (Thank you, Jeanette!)

    5. Why don't people want to watch a reality tv series that portrays people who are actually kind to each other?

    Have a great week!


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