First Five Fragments for Friday

Today’s fragments tumbled out like this:

1. No matter what’s going on, Friday morning feels different – happier. Work week mind or happy hour anticipation?

2. When the house looks completely different after vacuuming, you know you’ve waited a little too long.

3. Silence in the early morning is peaceful. Silence at the dinner table when there are other people sitting with you is something else entirely.

4. Why are red noses on babies kind of funny?

5. I’m grateful for the way I can blurt out almost anything with my good friends….and vice versa. But there are still things I would never say out loud.

And your fragments are….?

What have you created lately?

Happy Friday.


  1. I like #5 and agree. There are some things I always keep to myself, but I wish I were a little better about sharing my feelings. Guess that's why I love the blank page and a pen.

    Hope you've had a great weekend!


  2. The blank page and a pen – or a blank computer screen and a keyboard – are some of the best things in the world for processing feelings! But they still have to be edited 🙂 Well, except for the journal that stays next to the bed.


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