First Five Fragments for Friday

This week’s writing prompts tumbled out like this:

1. Over 500 kids in one orchestra all playing at once = breath-taking occurrence.

2. Watching my daughter try on dresses for a dance this week reminded me that she (and many of her high school friends) has no idea how beautiful she is or how that beauty affects other people….hence her opinion that she would be just as happy wearing something made from duct tape.

3. After feeling stupid for letting my tires get too low in sub zero weather, I discovered that there was a line for the air hose at the local gas station. Guess it wasn’t just me. Now, what else have I let get too low?

4. The most amusing thing about being at the airport yesterday was watching people arrive wearing flip flops and wondering if they realized how cold it was in Minnesota and wondering if they had carried on their luggage. Just sayin’.

5. Every time he goes out of town, she makes fish so she doesn’t accidentally kill him.

And your fragments are…..?

May you find a warm place to write today.


  1. I've found that flip-flops have become a year-round wardrobe item for many people here in CT. That, and slippers, in public. I'm not sure why, I'm all about the boots this time of year, and love them 🙂


  2. Your second fragment is so sweet and the fourth one makes me chuckle. Sometimes, I think I am one of those flip-flop people thinking my optimism might bring the sun out a little more quickly. 😉

    I'm going to work on my five fragments today. Wishing you a warm writing place too.


  3. Flip flops are not for people who knit socks – so you'll never catch me in them, rest assured. 🙂
    I'm trying to imagine a 500 kid orchestra and failing. What songs did they play? And could you tell what they were playing?


  4. The 500+ kids played movie themes and, yes, you could actually recognize them! Abby's in symphony orchestra and they did the themes from The Incredibles and The Godfather. The entire group did something called Ashokan Farewell from the PBS series on the Civil War. One of my favorites was when the little kids (the ones who've only been playing for a few months) did Supercalifragilisticexpiadlidocious!


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