Photo Fragment Tuesday

All photos by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson.
Where does your vision take you?


  1. You had an audience in that last shot 🙂

    My vision comes with me everywhere, with my camera always in my purse. I never know when a slice of life will capture my attention, and I photograph it for my blog.


  2. They were a great audience, too! Digital cameras have to be one of the best tools ever. I have an Olympus Stylus that shoots in 12M and has a 10X optical zoom, so that gives me a lot of flexibility. And, for days when I don't have my camera with me, my phone shoots in 5M (yay, smart phones!). I still kind of miss my old Canon 35mm, though. Having to wait for the prints made me consider my shots in a whole different way.


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