First Five Fragments for Friday

1. Finally, frost on the pumpkin….and the grass, the roof, the coneflowers, the raspberry stalks, the deck chairs…..and permission to stop pulling weeds.

2. Twitter is a noisy place, like standing at a busy intersection all the time, only in cyberspace.

3. Going unplugged one day a week may not be enough.

4. Having a home office does not alleviate the need to take a vacation once in a while.

5. Desensitization. Status quo?

And your fragments are….?


Got a kid who will trick or treat this Halloween? Perfect time to introduce the idea of collecting food shelf items along with all that fabulous candy. Here’s a story about one kid who did just that: Halloween for the Hungry

It’s a nice, inspiring read!

Happy Friday.


  1. So far it's been a warm Autumn in New England too. But today there's a breeze and a welcome chill in the air, which I love.

    I hear you on the vacations, too. Yesterday I took a mini one with my daughter, taking a long walk through a picturesque town's historical neighborhood. A very peaceful afternoon …


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