First Five Fragments for Friday

Last week, I began a new feature: first morning fragments. Once a week, I’ll post my own random thoughts that pop up first thing in the morning in the hope that you might remember some of your own and use them to spark a new piece of work. Hey, it happens. 

1. Who else has dinner guests that check their dogs’ toenails and teeth? This is what we get for hanging out with veterinarians.

2. Oh, yeah. The royal wedding.

3. Classical music is a great alarm clock for gentle waking. Unfortunately, I do not want to actually get out of bed.

4. I get to pay my speeding ticket today. That I got it driving home from a Gary Snyder poetry reading strikes me as just a little funny.

5. When I first wake up, I forget that I’m near-sighted. Cool.

And your fragments are….?

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  1. I awoke this morning with the start of a new poem in my head. The seed is planted now it just needs time to germinate….. KR


  2. Kathleen, thanks for the fragment inspirations for the day! You inspired me to do some of my own.

    I still can't believe you got a speeding ticket coming home from a poetry reading. Boggles the mind, it does. 🙂 I'll be waiting on the poem from that encounter.


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